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Scrounger / Swimbait Heads
If you have been looking for a scrounger head with a much bigger, quality hook than others than here they are. These work great when wanting to fish a larger swimbait on them with the larger hook.

Available with a medium or long bill

PRICE: Pack of 2 for $3.99

We welcome any positive feedback !
  • "I recieved my order today. They look freaking great. If you fish lakes where the scroungers are fished, no doubt these will give you an edge over your competition. Thanks a million!"- Chris Jones
  • "Zack, here's my report - THEY ARE BAD TO THE BONE!! I put a skinny dipper on the 1/2oz head and threw it around grass at Guntersville on Saturday. First off, it's amazingly weedless. Secondly, it has unbelievable vibrations. And lastly, the bass will BOMB IT! Hardest hits I've had in a long time. The big hook is the real deal. They would hook themselves." - Mike Kelly
  • "Zach, if I can summarize your scrounger heads in one word, it would be, "Perfect"! The plastic bill you use on the scrounger heads are not too soft so they bend back, or not too stiff so that it rolls on retrieve. They're just absolutely perfect! I also appreciate the heavy duty hook you use in your scroungers. Quality product! Keep up the great work!" Mesha Yoshida (So Cal Saltwater Bass fisherman).

1/4 Scrounger Head
1/4 oz Scrounger Pack of 2

3/8 Scrounger Head
3/8 oz Scrounger Pack of 2

1/2 Scrounger Head
1/2 oz Scrounger Pack of 2

3/4 Scrounger Head
3/4 oz Scrounger Pack of 2

Swimbait Head
Featuring a big, strong 5/0 Mustad Hook
Great heads for A-Rigs
Available in 1/8, 1/4, 3/8, 1/2 and 3/4 oz Sizes
3pk for $3.10
Swimbait Heads
Swimbait Heads
Swimbait Heads
Swimbait Heads
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